Saturday, November 26, 2011

Somebody who knows the issue

The blog The Learning Diary of an Israeli Water Engineer is very knowledgeable about Hungarian issues. Here is a blunt but truthful analysis:

Dishonorable Hungary

Prof. Randolph Braham, the eminent historian of Hungarian Jewry and its extintion, observed that Hungary will not be able to regain its honor and the respect of the nations if they continue to lie to themselves and to everybody. Building a country on the foundation of lies can only produce a corrupt, fascist, failed country. Hungary, as other Eastern European countries like Ucraine, Poland, Slovakia, etc. have convinced themselves that they are totally innocent of the extermination of their Jewish population, that it was done by the Nazis alone and against their heroic but futile resistance. 

 Moreover, the myth that the assessination of all the Jews is somehow balanced off by the bad things that the Jews supposedly did to them, is now generally accepted. The myth is based on the lie that the Communist Party's dictatorship was, in fact, the rule of the Jews over those countries. Having lived under the Communist rule in Hungary, my parents and uncles risked their lives (and mine) to escape that regime, so I know from first hand that Communism in Hungary was not a dictatorship of the Jews, on the contrary, Jews - mostly middle class - were branded as "burgeois" and enemies of the Proletarian regime. Jews suffered under Communism, and when it became possible to escape, those countries suddenly emptied of Jews. 

 Braham's observation is that current East European regimes are built on a foundation of lies, they continue to lie and they will be unable to form a legitimate government all the time they keep dissimulating, falsifying the past (and consequently, the present), and they keep lying and necessary, adding more lies to their lies. They will not recover their honor and the respect of the nations without facing the truth. They have to purify themselves by a truth process like the Germans (the Holocaust), the South Africans (the excesses of the apartheid regime) and the Americans (the enslaving millions of human beings) did before.

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